How Tenant Rep Brokers Level the Playing Field

//How Tenant Rep Brokers Level the Playing Field

Tenant Representation Brokers Know the Cards and How They are Played

We are full time commercial real estate experts that have landlord and tenant rep experience.  We have been on both sides of the table and know how to achieve goals for our clients with a track record to prove it!  We fully understand the business points of a lease and know what concessions are acceptable in the market 5 years ago, now, and in the future because do deals throughout the State of Texas.

We are big believers in a tenant representation process and strong negotiation strategy.  We take our clients through a process to ensure that we identify what a “win” looks like early. Our negotiation strategy lays out a path to achieve those goals in the marketplace regardless of the landlord.  Our process is especially effective during lease renegotiations.  The best leverage is the ability to walk away from a deal.  We give our clients this power by ensuring that all options are on the table until a lease is signed.