5 Reasons to Tour (Even if You Plan on Renewing Your Lease)


5 Reasons it is important to tour (Even if you plan on renewing your lease) In the Houston market, statistically over 75% of tenants that I run into renew at their current location.  Insurance agents are some of the most loyal tenants that I know, once they settle in and get Allstate, Farmers, or State Farm to pony up cash for that monument sign they are there to stay.  They always say that the Landlord is giving them a good deal even though they don’t know or care to know the market rates.  In their mind the deal is acceptable, [...]

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Understanding Environmentals


What is a Phase 1 or Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment? Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) have been developed to evaluate environmental issues at any site previously used for commercial purposes. A Phase 1 Report is when an agency comes in and investigates a property and the surrounding areas to make sure that there is no contamination on the property or near the property.  If a Phase 1 shows the potential or actual contamination on the site then many times the bank or agency will recommend a Phase 2 to gather more details to help determine how bad the contamination [...]

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