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James began his career as a commercial real estate professional ten years ago at Grubb and Ellis where he was award the title of Top 10 Broker. He has listed over 3 million SF and has represented a diverse cross section of entities as tenant rep broker--from Fortune 500 companies, to municipalities and start-ups. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Houston where he was a 2-term Student Body President and Middle Linebacker for the school's Division 1 football team.

The Number 1 Reason Tenants Loose in Landlord Negotiations


For today's topic, I want to talk about the number one reasons that tenants get beat on landlord negotiations. The number one reason that tenants get beat is quite simple. It's fear of loss. When a landlord understands that your business is dependent on that location or if you have, let's say you're a print shop and you have $100,000 of equipment in that center. They understand that they have leverage over you. They understand the pains of moving. They know that 75% of tenants typically renew their lease. That puts them in a naturally advantageous position. For a tenant, you [...]

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How to Have the Upper hand in Lease Negotiations


Here is how to always have the upper hand when you're dealing with negotiations. Whether it's a landlord broker or whether it's another property that you're trying to negotiate. The most consistent way to always have the upper hand is to understand a winning hand for yourself. That's the first thing. If you understand exactly what a win looks like for you. That's based on market research, that's based on deals done in the area, that's based on all of the data that you can collect. You have used that and methodically looked at the data and said, "This is what [...]

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How to Project Total Cost of an Expansion or New Space (Office, Industrial, Retail)


Are you trying to decide whether or not you should lease space?  Whether this is your first or 50th location, this guide will give you insight on how to work with your WorkSpace Agent to get the answers you need to move forward (or not move forward) with confidence. Considering Real Estate cost is second only to the cost of HR for a company, there are a multitude of questions that should be taken into consideration when factoring in a new space: Am I certain how much space I will need? Why do I need space? When do I need space? [...]

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Understanding Environmentals


What is a Phase 1 or Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment? Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) have been developed to evaluate environmental issues at any site previously used for commercial purposes. A Phase 1 Report is when an agency comes in and investigates a property and the surrounding areas to make sure that there is no contamination on the property or near the property.  If a Phase 1 shows the potential or actual contamination on the site then many times the bank or agency will recommend a Phase 2 to gather more details to help determine how bad the contamination [...]

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Market Analysis: Northwest Houston Industrial Commercial Real Estate 1 Quarter 2016


Contact James!  832.493.3377 jr@workspacerealestate.com The Northwest Corridor is the territory from the 6-10 loop and fans out west between 290 and I-45 about halfway to beltway 8. This is by far one of the largest industrial markets in Houston with over 155 million SF of existing Industrial inventory on the market which only about 9 million SF is vacant. To put this in perspective, the downtown Houston market which is one of the largest office markets in the City has less than half of the industrial inventory of at 60 million SF of space. There are about [...]

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Energy Corridor Office Market Report (Katy Freeway market)


The energy corridor historically has had the lion's share of new construction and growth in the Houston market with the Woodlands being the other exception. Looking at the 1st quarter numbers it is clear that this area has been overbuilt as far as office space is concerned for now and the market will have to take some time to catch up. Click edit button to change this text. 2013 and 2014 New office construction kept up with demand and vacancy rates stayed below 8%. At the end of 2014, the bottom fell out in this market and [...]

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Aerial Footage of Kroger Shopping Center Flooding – April 19, 2016 – Houston


Close up aerial video of the flooding at the intersection of 249 Tomball Parkway and Cypresswood -- Kroger (10010 Cypresswood Dr, Houston TX, 77070) Willie's Grill & Icehouse, Subway, Wing Stop in Northwest Houston, Texas as of Tuesday afternoon, April 19th. Cypress Creek is at a near-record 127.5 feet as of Tuesday morning, which is 5.5 feet above flood stage.

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2016 Office Market Outlook : Video


Are you thinking about buying or leasing commercial property in 2016? Watch this video (first in a series) to decide if now it the right time to act. Includes the latest market data showing how the oil and gas crisis has impacted Houston's office market.

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