Acquisitions/Buyer Representation

WorkSpace Real Estates expert brokers and agents represent individual buyers, investment professionals, institutional clients and municipalities. They have market knowledge throughout Texas and access to the most comprehensive, up-to-date data, economic forecasts and trends.

The commercial acquisition process can be complex and full of challenges from start to finish. Our agents are will identify qualified properties, manage the transaction and successfully close. We handle deal structure, due diligence, financial underwriting and transactional processing, which are all critical elements of the acquisition process.

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Comprehensive, Up-to-Date Data

WorkSpace Real Estate professionals have access to the industry’s most accurate, up to date leadings  for market reports, commercial property (both listed and unlisted).


Financial Underwriting

We have established longstanding relationships with commercial lenders and banks that help our clients navigate the process of securing loans to purchase commercial property.

Transactional Processing

We have established proven processes that allow for your commercial property purchase to be accomplished in the most efficient, time and cost-effective manner possible.

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